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It was almost 20 years ago

when an idea about opening a family business crossed our minds. Everything began with just selling homemade food to close family and friends. Little by little the word started spreading, and before we knew it, our home kitchen was not doing the job anymore.

In 2001, the first restaurant, which is still in business today, opened up in the Phoenix area. When we first opened up, our menu was limited and our location was small; but our clientele continued to grow. Fortunately, the food became known and gained popularity. The first location had to be expanded, and it is now triple the size than what we originally began with.

So what makes us different?

First, here, at Los Reyes de la Torta, we emphasize in maintaining a high level of quality in each and every one of the products used in the making of our dishes. We characterize ourselves for always pleasing our customers with great service, and making sure to make them feel that they are of extreme importance to us and that their business is extremely appreciated. And this is precisely where our name “Los Reyes” or “The Kings” is best defined, because we treat our customers as best as possible.

Secondly, our food is based 100% on original Mexican recipes. Very few places have kept the authenticity of common and delicious Mexican dishes. Here at Los Reyes de la Torta, our main goal is for our food to bring back memories to our customers of their mother’s best homemade food. However, not only has our food become known amongst the Hispanic communities, but among other cultures as well.

Throughout the years, our food has brought us several awards from local and national institutes such as the Arizona Republic and New Times, recognizing our food as original and tasty. And this has to do a lot with the great job that our customers do in letting people know of our business.


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